• You’re a female, entrepreneur, empath or creative who wants to make an impact on the world

  • You’re ready to let go of the fear of rejection, self-doubt, worry & fear & claim your destiny

  • You’ve worked with other coaches, teachers & studied different modalities but lack the clarity or confidence to truly move forward with power. 

  • You are ready to dig deep & do the work you have never done [ or may have been avoiding ] to get the results you’ve never gotten. 

  • You understand that your business & life cannot grow bigger than your belief systems  & are ready to do the work for LASTING transformation


  • I know what it’s like to watch other people online, or out in the world, doing what you KNOW you were born to do.

  • I know what it’s like to sit & wonder if you’ll ever have what it takes to finally have your big break.

  • I know what it’s like to get stuck in the fear of rejection & wonder if you’re good enough, smart enough, talented enough, and if you’re ready or worthy to live your dreams.


The only difference between “you” & “THEM” [ the successful women we all love & admire, the Oprah’s, the Louise Hay’s, the Frida Khalo’s, the Tina Turners, the Rosa Parks & so on ]  is your belief in yourself and your ability to achieve the impossible.

Those who have the “it factor” are the ones who have the courage & confidence in themselves & their dreams to never give up. So it’s time to stop playing small & believe in yourself & that’s what I’m here for! I am extremely passionate about my mission of empowering & inspiring 1 million women so they can have a greater positive impact on the world than they ever knew possible & that includes YOU dear dreamer.


There was a time when I was so scared “to be seen,” and if you had told me just 10 years ago that I would a successful business woman changing lives from around the world, I would have been hopeful BUT doubtful.

You see, I spent so many years, with a heart full of dreams wondering what was wrong with me and why I couldn’t achieve them. My big visions of making the world a better place seemed poisoned by my beliefs that I wasn’t good enough, smart enough, ready enough…. and the list goes on. I was so scared to “put myself out there” in case someone would uncover my dirty little secret, that I wasn’t “worthy” of my mission & message.

I would spend hours watching other women online doing what I so desperately knew I was born to do. I watched with them with both inspiration and desperation. Inspiration, because it was amazing to see other women out there doing it, desperation because I felt that I never would.

It was only after years of soul searching that I realised that I was ALWAYS whole & complete. I realised I didn’t have to DO anything, or BE anyone other than myself to change the world. This revelation CHANGED MY LIFE.

So years ago I made a promise to myself that I would help as many women as I could, know their worth, know their power & know that no matter what the world says YOU ARE MAGIC. Just as YOU are. Believe me, if I can do it, YOU can do it!


“Ashley cooper is a powerhouse of a person. She embodies what it means to passionately pursue your goals with the intention of bringing value to the world. She gives of herself and teaches how you can overcome your fears to do the same. If you have ANY intentions of taking your life past fear of failure and into a life fulfilled, then you MUST make Ashley part of your life and journey.”

“In over 20 years of studying Self-help & Self- Actualization material, I have encountered few programs that are as concise, supportive and elegant as Ashley’s 6A method from Pain To Power™” If this is something that intrigues you at all, i can’t encourage you enough to look into her program and method.”

Dr. Matthew Hertert , Thriving With Diabetics

“When I first started Ashley’s VIP program I was feeling so stuck in life, I couldn’t even imagine how much it was going to change me. Ashley is so caring & wise, and the sisterhood is incredible, when one rises we all do. “

Sandra Ulmbrant Nyström

“WOW. Ashley has created one of the most comprehensive and powerful programs that I’ve seen. I am blown away by her professional and methodical approach to help anyone to turn their pain and struggle in to power and freedom. In this program, Ashley uses her step by step approach to help you connect with your personal authentic power. I highly recommend this program to anyone who feels stuck and wants to take their life to next level.”

Eda Hardy, International Best Selling Author, Emotional Wellness Practitioner

” I used to think I had no fears but it was just that I didn’t see them as obstacles and accept them as pain. Ashley helped me to identify & embrace my fears so that I could see how they were stopping me from reaching my full potential. She taught me that I didnt need to seek validation outside of myself but to appreciate all that I am. If you are looking for someone who has experienced the same pain and gotten through it I highly recommend Ashley. She truly cares & has deep & wonderful insights”

André Ekespong, Entrepreneur - Net4Talent

” Wow! Divine Timing is in full effect. Ashley effectively broke down the steps to authentic power in an easy to comprehend manner. She cultivated an awareness in me that I have been using certain avoidance techniques, I had justified it as finding serenity, but it’s simply avoidance and doesn’t get me any closer to making a conscious choice in my responses. Acknowledging pain is a must. As scary as that seemed, after watching this video, I feel empowered, supported and hopeful. I don’t want to waste precious time in reactive cycles. I want to harness the power of choice. I highly recommend the 6A Method from Pain to Power™ to absolutely everyone!”

Channa Serenity , Founder - Girls Talk
Fear To Fierce™
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  • Learn how to uncover & release limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from unleashing your greatness into the world

  • Learn a comprehensive system that will help you move forward with fearless Power

  • Uncover the Magic that lives within you already

  • Create more harmony and flow in your life & in your relationships

  • Learn the simple 6 step method that is changing lives from around the world!

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Uncover the transformative power of pain and learn to see obstacles as opportunities, vulnerability as strength and live a life of passion, purpose & presence.

  • Live from a place of authentic empowerment, presence and connection

  • Be more present in your life and the life of those you love

  • Enjoy day to day life with less stress and frustration

  • Develop a deeper sense of appreciation for every experience in life, including the ones we have labeled “bad” in the past

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