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I believe we all have a purpose in this World. That we each hold a piece of a divine infinite puzzle within us. For years I battled with myself hiding my greatness and true nature. I suffered in silence thinking I was alone in the battle. I managed to find my way out of the maze of self-hatred to realize there were so many people out there struggling themselves.  I have now made it my mission to help destigmatize suffering in the World and to help people transform their pain into their greatest purpose. I have founded the ”6 step method transforming suffering into self awareness.” Here you can read an honest encounter of my journey and a glimpse into my World . I hope that we can walk this road together, stepping into our greatness and lighting the path for others to follow.


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#Pain to Power

“Pain to Power”  follows my life journey from a young age when I first tried to take my own life. It is a detailed encounter of what it takes to embrace your darkness and step into your light. I have traveled for over 5 years around the World seeking a way to transform suffering and have developed a “6 step method transforming suffering to self awareness.” For years I battled self hatred and depression and have come out on the other side.  The book includes my 6A method and uses my own personal experience to guide you through the steps toward your own transformation.  

Ashley’s 6A Method

  • Awareness
  • Acceptance
  • Accountability
  • Appreciation
  • Action
  • Alchemy


“I will tell everyone I know about you. Your word’s are the words that so many people want to say but can’t. Thank u xx”
“You are such an inspiration, your words resonated with me so much. Thanks for helping me move forward becoming a better and stronger version of myself. “
“Your honesty is a mirror for us all and your strength is inspiring”
“Your encouraging words about loving and recognizing yourself is something i believe that ALL of us need to learn. I believe your strength will heal many. Including myself.”


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